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In 1992 NPS archaeologists set out to find Charley's Village and in August of that summer discovered convincing evidence that they had indeed located the site. The crew mapped and recorded the site, took photos and collected a number of artifacts. A brief report was presented the next spring at an annual anthropology conference, but following this the site then drifted once again into obscurity.

A second crew went out during the summer of 2000 to relocate and assess the condition of the site. Their visit was brief and only a single artifact was collected. A short site report was added to the files and one again Charley's Village lay dormant.

In 2009 another major spring breakup event caused flooding up and down the Yukon. The following summer another crew went out to revisit sites along the Yukon, including Charley's Village, in order to assess damages.

The images below show a comparison of the initial 1992 site visit and the most recent visit in 2010 nearly twenty years later.


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