Yosemite Fire Update #23

October 11, 2015 Posted by: Yosemite Fire Information

New fires: Being Suppressed

Bridalveil Fire (37 42.412 x 119 38.389 – Mariposa County - 6,300 feet elevation - 10/5/15)
Park Employees called in a smoke report on the evening of October 5. This 1 acre fire is near the South rim of the Valley near Cathedral Rocks.  Helicopter 551 responded, located the fire and it’s fire crew rappelled into the remote hanging valley area near Bridalveil Creek. 

Wegner Fire (37 49.815 x 119 34.469 – Mariposa County - 8,300 feet elevation - 10/5/15)
Yosemite fire dispatch received reports of a new fire visible from Exfoliating Granite, north of the Tioga Road.  Crew 1 responded and suppressed this 0.10 acre fire.  Cause is unknown.  

Other Wilderness Fires

Middle Fire (37 51.538 x 119 41.194 - Tuolumne County - 8,043 feet elevation - 7/27/15)
This fire is west of White Wolf and south of the Middle Tuolumne River.  It is 260 acres. The fire is monitored by Yosemite and Whiskeytown fire crews. Smoke may be visible. Map of Middle Fire. [151 kb PDF]

Tenaya Fire (37 46.091 x 119 34.641 – Mariposa County - 7,200 feet elevation - 8/7/15)
This wildfire began on the afternoon of September 7, 2015.  It was contained at 415 acres. Yosemite and Whiskeytown fire crews are conducting suppression repairs on this fire, utilizing light on the land Minimum Impact Suppression Techniques (MIST).  All trails are open in the area.

Cathedral Fire (37 51.078 x 119 25.120 – Tuolumne County - 9,400 feet elevation - 8/2/15)
This fire is near the John Muir Trail to Cathedral Lakes.  The area did receive rain and snow over the weekend of October 3, however the perimeter may continue to smolder and creep through lodgepole pine needles and logs. The fire is 42 acres.  

White Cascade Fire (37 54.926 x 119 23.780 - Tuolumne County - 9,000 feet elevation - 7/3/15)
This remote fire is within Tuolumne Meadows and is approximately 76 acres, and backing into Conness Creek and to the south.

Dark Fire (37 50.575 x 119 37.153 – Mariposa County - 8,200 feet elevation - 7/9/15)
This fire is along the Yosemite Creek Campground Road and smoke is periodically visible from both the campground and Tioga roads. It is 40 acres, with one standing dead tree (snag) continuing to burn within the perimeter.

All Hikers are advised to hike through these areas quickly and stay on the trail through the immediate fire areas.  

As with all fires, staff and visitor safety is of paramount importance.  Each fire, regardless of size, is assessed for the appropriate course of action.

Please remember – Yosemite and California continue to experience very dry conditions.  Although it is fall and days are cooler, all visitors are urged to be diligent in any use of fire, including smoking. And be sure all fires are out!

Periodic light smoke may continue to be visible from all fires.

For additional fire Information: email, or call: 209/372-0480

Last updated: October 12, 2015

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