These regulations help us protect park resources while also providing you a safe and enjoyable experience. The following activities are prohibited in Yellowstone:

  • Willfully remaining near or approaching wildlife, including nesting birds, within any distance that disturbs or displaces the animal.
  • Hunting or feeding wildlife.
  • Traveling off boardwalks or designated trails in hydrothermal areas.
  • Throwing anything into thermal features.
  • Swimming in hot springs.
  • Removing or possessing natural or cultural resources (such as wildflowers, antlers, rocks, and arrowheads).
  • Leaving detachable side mirrors attached when not pulling trailers.
  • Traveling off-road by vehicle or bicycle.
  • Camping outside of designated areas.
  • Spotlighting wildlife (viewing with lights).
  • Imitating elk calls or using buglers. Imitating wolf howls.
  • Using electronic equipment capable of tracking wildlife
  • Launching, landing, or operating unmanned aircraft (drones) on lands and waters.
  • Smoking is prohibited in geyser basins or on trails. There is no smoking in buildings or within 25 feet of building entrances.

Additional regulations apply: please see our Laws & Policies as well as the Code of Federal Regulations for more information.

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Last updated: June 24, 2019

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