Accessibility in the Madison Area

A ranger lighting a fire at dusk.
A ranger lights a fire as he prepares to give an evening program at the Madison Amphitheater.

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Madison Information Station

The building is located downhill approximately 250 feet (76 m) from the parking area. Wheelchair users may require assistance to the center and the amphitheater.

Designated Accessible Parking

Designated accessible parking spaces at the walkway leading to the information station and in front of the restrooms and picnic area.

Picnic Areas

  • Gibbon Falls
    Accessible vault toilet and picnic tables.
  • Madison
    Accessible parking. Wheelchair users may require assistance. Accessible restroom. One accessible picnic table.
  • Tuff Cliff
    Information about the volcanic cliff. Accessible vault toilet.

Fishing Ramp & Platform

At the Mount Haynes Overlook, approximately 3.5 miles (5.6 km) west of Madison Junction. A level boardwalk leads to the Madison River.


Three accessible sites (can be reserved), with an extended picnic table and a raised fire grate. The closest accessible shower is at Old Faithful Inn (16 miles / 26 km south). Visitors using wheelchairs may require assistance using some of the trails leading from the campground to the river. Learn more about campgrounds in Yellowstone.

West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center

Located 14 miles (23 km) west of Madison Junction, in the town of West Yellowstone, MT. Wheelchair-accessible entrance and restrooms.

Learning About the Area

Ranger-led Programs

Offered in summer. The schedule is in the park newspaper, in the online calendar, and posted around the Madison and West Yellowstone areas.

  • Madison
    Visitors attending programs at the amphitheater may require assistance. Other programs as noted in the schedule.
  • West Yellowstone Visitor Information Center
    All programs are accessible to visitors using wheelchairs.

What to See

Madison River Junction (Gibbon and Firehole Rivers)

Views of the river junction from several large, accessible pullouts on the West Entrance Road.

National Park Mountain

Wheelchair-accessible views along the West Entrance Road. Exhibits at the Madison Information Station explain the origin of the mountain’s name; wheelchair users may require assistance.

Firehole Canyon Drive

Approximately one mile (1.6 km) south of Madison Junction, this one-way drive descends between two lava flows to the Firehole River. Firehole Cascade is at the far end of the drive.

Two Ribbons Trail

Exhibits on a boardwalk along the Madison River.

Terrace Spring

Accessible boardwalk. A steep grade exists in the middle of the loop; wheelchair users may require assistance.

Accessibility Map

Map showing the location of services and the accessibility levels of trails.
Map depicting the accessibility options around Madison Junction.


Visitors sitting around tables eating and kids playing on furniture.
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Photo of crowds at Old Faithful

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Last updated: January 6, 2022

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