Investing in Infrastructure

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What's with all the construction in Yellowstone? Learn how we're keeping Yellowstone in shape for future generations.

Investing in Infrastructure


Yellowstone has an asset inventory totaling $6.3 billion, with an estimated $1.5 billion in deferred maintenance and repairs associated with this inventory. The park also has an estimated $43.3 million in annual routine maintenance requirements. To further Yellowstone's Investing in Infrastructure strategic priority, the park is committed to developing a cogent deferred maintenance reduction plan, improving the quality of data and prioritization processes, and taking better advantage of current and future funding to improve asset conditions and protect investments. In 2019-2020, the park focused heavily on developing better data on the condition of its asset portfolio while prioritizing and formulating projects needing investment. Since 2020, Yellowstone has invested $1.549 billion into improving infrastructure across the park.

Learn about how Yellowstone is "Investing in Infrastructure" below.

Yellowstone Infrastructure Improvement Projects

View completed, ongoing, and approved infrastructure improvement projects in the park.

a legend for the map above showing (1) a green map pin and line, indicating completed projects; (2) a yellow map pin and line, indicating ongoing projects; and (3) an orange map pin and line, indicating approved projects.

Some projects occur in multiple areas throughout the park and are not included on the map (learn more about these projects in the dropdowns below):

  • Additional Flood Recovery Efforts (approved)
  • Employee Housing Improvements Goal 1 - Phase 2 (approved)
  • Employee Housing Improvements - Goal 2 (ongoing)
  • Employee Housing Improvements - Goal 4 (approved)
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Completed Projects (2020-present)


Roads and Bridges


Utility Systems


Facilities and Developed Areas

a yellow map pin with a construction cone symbol

Ongoing Projects


Roads and Bridges


Utility Systems


Facilities and Developed Areas

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Approved Projects


Roads and Bridges


Utility Systems


Facilities and Developed Areas


More Information

a construction site at a bridge over a river
View & Download Photos

View and download more photos of infrastructure improvement projects in Yellowstone.

A truck drives on a layer of snow on a paved road with a snow-covered mountain in the background.
Park Roads

Most park roads close to regular vehicles on November 1. Find out current information about road conditions, delays, and closures.


Yellowstone "Infrastructure" News

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