Theater 101

The theater is a fascinating, dynamic, and exciting environment. Review your general theater knowledge, explore the history of the Filene Center, and learn about what elements make the theaters at Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts unique!

Filene Center I, 1971

Filene Center: Past & Present

From the theater’s opening in 1971 to present day, the Filene Center has experienced a number of developments.


Language of the Theater

Learn about the unique “theater language;” from common terminology, to colloquialisms.

An NPS ranger explains the theater's fly line system.

Physical Aspects & Equipment

Take a behind-the-scenes look at some of the equipment used to produce the performances you see on stage.

A packed Filene Center House before a performance.

"A Day In The Life" at Wolf Trap

Discover what it is like to work in the Filene Center on performance day.

Four children watch a show at Children's Theatre-in-the-Woods

Our Theater in the Woods

Explore the history and present day features of Wolf Trap's forested amphitheater.

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