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Knowledge comes in many forms

  • academic (things you learn from a book)
  • practical (things you learn by doing)
  • cultural (things you learn from a community of people)
  • personal (things you learn through your own experience)

Everybody has knowledge, but none of us have all of it. In order to fully understand the diverse meanings of a place and its history, it can be helpful to access multiple types of knowledge from multiple people.


Part 1 - Watch One

Choose a video from Tumacácori’s Ask Me Anything video library below.
Respond to the questions:

  • (I saw…) Whose video did you watch, and what were they discussing?
  • (I learned…) What did you learn from the speaker?
  • (I noticed…) What techniques did the video-maker use to help you understand the subject? For example, did they use still photographs? Captions? Music? Multiple camera angles?
  • (I wonder…) What follow-up questions would you ask the speaker if you could talk to them?

Part 2 - Do One

Option 1: Choose a person in your family or community who has knowledge to share. (Remember that there are all kinds of knowledge!) What would you like to learn from this person?

Option 2: Contact Tumacácori National Historical Park by email or phone (520-377-5064) to set up an interview with a subject-matter expert. You may be able to ask follow-up questions of the person whose interview you’ve already seen in Part 1!

Prepare for the Interview

1. Arrange a time and place. Consider choosing somewhere quiet and comfortable.

  • in-person
  • over the telephone
  • online (your school’s platform, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, StoryCorps, etc.)

2. Make sure both parties have the proper recording equipment and connectivity.

  • If you working online, can everyone access the platform?
  • Does anyone need a microphone or headphones?
  • If you are taking a video, do you need a tripod or a surface to stabilize your camera?

3. Prepare your questions. Consider what you’d like to know about.

  • Are you drawing on their knowledge of a particular subject?
  • Are you asking them to show you something or demonstrate?
  • What language are you both using?
  • Will you be asking about their life experiences? Personal memories?

Feeling stumped about what to ask? Take a look at StoryCorps’s list of Great Questions!


Part 3 - Show One

Produce and share your interview with your chosen expert. This may be an audio file, an audio file underneath photos or video footage, or video footage of your interview directly.

Consider the story you would like to tell, using the conversation you had. What would you, the interviewer, like to add to this discussion? Is there any editorializing or analysis you’d like to add?

Submit or share your video via whichever platform your school uses (i.e. FlipGrid, Google Classroom, Schoology, etc.)

Last updated: January 10, 2022

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