Survey a Chinook Trade Village

Visitors Walking Along Boardwalk at Middle Village
Visitors walking along boardwalk at Middle Village
This site across the Columbia River in Washington state holds a wealth of history in just under 8 acres. Middle Village - Station Camp has been an important archaeological resource for learning about the trading practices and cultural history of the Lower Columbia Chinook. This location was also significant to the Corps of Discovery as a brief campsite and survey point during November 1805. Later in the 19th century, the site was a stop on the Ilwaco Railway and Navigation Company’s narrow gauge line and named McGowan after P.J. McGowan bought the land. McGowan church was constructed in 1904 and still stands today, renamed to St. Mary’s Church in the 1960s. In present day, Middle Village - Station Camp, focuses on the Chinook Indian Nation history, as well as telling the story of early contact, the Corps, and the town of McGowan.

Due to the cultural nature of this site we ask that you do not walk your dogs at this unit of the park.

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Middle Village is just a few miles West of Clark's Dismal Nitch, a few miles west after the Megler Astoria Bridge, before Fort Columbia State Park.

Accessibility Information

Paths and platforms at this unit  are weelchair accesible. 

Last updated: February 21, 2017