A Symphony of Sounds

Each national park has a unique soundscape. The natural and cultural sounds in parks awaken a sense of wonder that connects us to the qualities that define these special places. They are part of a web of resources that the National Park Service protects under the Organic Act. From the haunting calls of bugling elk in mountains to the patriotic calls of bugling horns across a historic battlefield, NPS invites you to experience our parks through this world of sound.

Landscape view of distant snow-capped mountains with reflections in a lake, foreground.

What Does Wilderness Sound Like?

Each year for over a decade, scientists place listening stations throughout Denali National Park and record natural and human-made sounds.

A Women's History in National Park poster features a cut-out figure of a woman flexing her muscle

Women in Science Profile

Female scientists with the NPS reflect on the value of STEM leadership for girls, young women.

Jacob Job records natural sounds in a dense forest setting with his binaural microphones.

Deep Listening Brings Rewards

The nature recordings of Jacob Job provide immersive listening experiences for people to hear compelling park sounds.

Last updated: July 13, 2018