Mountain Peoples

A cabin window frames a view looking into a pasture and snow capped mountains beyond
Living in the mountains has its rewards... and its unique challenges. Still humans have cleverly, and in different ways, established homes, seasonal camps, and travel routes in mountains throughout history.

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People of Alaska


Pacific Northwest Peoples

  • A man in orange jacket kneels in front of a screen with dirt in it, with cloud capped mountain peaks
    High Elevation Archeology

    Take an in-depth dive into mountain archeology in the Washington (state) parks

  • Five sharp slivers of stone lay on a yellow background
    North Cascades

    A brief read about the archeology happening at Cascade Pass

  • Yellowish reed fragments in a very loose weave

    Start down the rabbit hole to learn about thousands of years of human occupation on the Olympic Peninsula

  • A snow covered mountain in the background seen from a wooden porch on a fire lookout.
    Mount Rainier

    What does archeology have to do with Mount Rainier?

People of the US Southwest

Last updated: June 23, 2020