A Setting for Inspiration

Art has been part of the history of national parks since the 1870s when Hudson River School painters captured majestic Western landscapes. Through their awe-inspiring works, the public came to see these special places in America for the first time. The works captured their imaginations, spurring them to preserve these lands for future generations.

Today art continues to thrive in our national parks. Explore online galleries of works by artists-in-residence and discover the role of parks in telling the story of art.

two people sitting on a lawn, painting
Artist-in-Residence Programs

Check out a list of residencies in parks, which provide artists with unique opportunities to create works of art in varied settings.

Bronze statue, in a garden framed by a flowering tree, of a cloaked woman
Stories of Art in the Parks

Discover the people, places, and stories of art—both past and present—that portray the wonder of our national parks.

Row of wooden flutes lined up on red tablecloth

Discover stories of music in our national parks, from the history of Jazz to modern-day performances.


Learn how painters influenced the national parks from their earliest days—and continue to be inspired by the parks today.

Clay pot decorated with red and black designs
Pottery & Sculpture

Explore how pottery and sculpture tell stories of our past and present.

Last updated: December 21, 2022