Working Side by Side

Enjoy science? Love the national parks? Get involved in citizen science! Citizen scientists work alongside researchers to collect data and find answers to real-world questions. They contribute valuable information to help us manage parks. Get your hands dirty in the field. Study important issues that affect parks. Gain deeper knowledge about park resources. Ready to join us? Explore citizen science projects and opportunities in national parks. Read More

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Watch this short video highlighting what citizen science looks like and why it is important.

a boy looks at a bug with a magnifying glass

Become a Citizen Scientist

Learn how you can get with citizen science projects across the country.

A woman looks through a measuring device in a desert landscape

Find a Citizen Science Project

Plants, animals, landscapes, oh my! Discovery the diversity of Citizen Science Projects across the National Park Service.

two women examine a pamplet in a forest setting

What is Citizen Science?

Find out what citizen science is, who can participate, and why it matters to the National Park Service.

Last updated: September 4, 2020