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Encompassing just 160 square acres of land, Rainbow Bridge National Monument is one of the smallest units of the National Park Service. However, what it lacks in size it more than makes up for with an abundance of unique and interesting features. The primary feature is, of course, Rainbow Bridge itself, one of the largest natural bridges in the world.

During the summer months rangers are on site daily at the Rainbow Bridge viewing area to provide interpretive programs and information on the geology and cultural history of Rainbow Bridge. Group programs can be arranged throughout the year with advance notice.

As of October 10, 2022: Access to Rainbow Bridge from Lake Powell remains difficult. The dock system and its restroom have been moved to deeper water and are no longer connected to the Rainbow Bridge trail shoreline. Small vessels can beach at the shoreline; however, it is at your own risk. Please exercise caution. Be aware of weather forecasts, stay within your capabilities, and carry drinking water. The hike from the shoreline to Rainbow Bridge is three miles roundtrip. Hikers walking up through the mud delta at the shoreline may encounter quicksand. The other option is to scramble over boulders at the shoreline until meeting the trail, which extends to the bridge on the far left/northeast side of the canyon. Also, be sure to have sufficient fuel for your vessel to get there and back.

Two park rangers walk away from the camera towards a boat beached in a trickle of water in deep canyons.rds
Park rangers walk back to the boat from Rainbow Bridge at lake elevation 3529'. the water does not reach the trailhead at this level, so they must walk through the wet muck.

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How to Rainbow Bridge

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All of Rainbow Bridge's Passport Stamps are physically located at Glen Canyon's various visitor centers. There is not one at Rainbow Bridge. When these visitor centers are closed we cannot access those physical Passport Stamps. So if you can't go in person, please download our stamps here. Glen Canyon and Rainbow Bridge are located in the yellow section of your passport book, but there is also a black version for legibility.

Last updated: January 20, 2023

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