Herbert Hoover

A black and white photo depicts a smiling middle aged man in a hat outdoors.
Herbert Hoover fishing in 1933.

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"My country owes me no debt. It gave me, as it gives every boy and girl, a chance. It gave me schooling, independence of action, opportunity for service and honor. In no other land could a boy from a country village, without inheritance or influential friends, look forward with unbounded hope."

Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover, mining engineer, humanitarian, statesman, and 31st President of the United States, was born August 10, 1874 in a simple two-room cottage in West Branch, Iowa. His Quaker family had helped settle the town, and their principles of honesty, hard work, simplicity, and generosity guided Hoover throughout his life of service to the nation and the world.

By proclamation or executive order, President Hoover added significantly to the lands of the National Park System.

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site, President's Park (White House)

Last updated: March 4, 2021