National Park Service Era Buildings

In 1967, the property opened as a National Park Service site as part of Oxon Cove Park. Since then, new structures have been added, and preservation of the historic buildings has been onging. In 2003, the park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
Red wooden building was built as the Visitor Center in 1980.
The red wood building serves at the visitor center and bookstore.

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Visitor Barn (1980) serves as the park visitor center and bookstore. This is a great place to begin your visit.
One story red wood building with a tin roof.
Museum building that houses historic farm tools and equipment

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Farm Museum Building (1970) houses historic farm tools, spinning wheel, corn sheller dating from 1890, and a historic John Deere tractor.

Currently not opened to the public.
Tall metal windmill that has a "tail fin" behind the blades.  There is a red pump on the ground "inside" the windmill structure.
Windmill no longer pumps water, but still catches the wind.

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Windmill (1970) was built to pump water into the farm’s duck pond.
Red wooden barn, The Dairy Barn, was rebuilt in 1980.
The Dairy Barn is the first building you see when entering the farm area.

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Dairy Barn (1980) is where cattle find shelter from both heat and cold. This structure replaces the original dairy barn from the Godding Croft era.
Red wooden building with tin roof with a fenced area in front of the doors
Chicken Coop

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Chicken Coop (1991) is the home to the chickens. Hens lay their eggs here in the nesting boxes.
Red wood building with tin roof.  Three openings for the pigs to come and go.
The hog house is home to the parks Ossabaw Island Hogs

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Hog House (1998) is the shelter for the hogs. Was renovated during 2019, getting a new roof and and a few new walls. Currently housing four Ossabaw Island Hogs
Red wood building with door on the left with three windows on the right.
Sheep and Goat Pen

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Goat shed (1980) is home to the sheep and goats.

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