Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a reservation to come to the park?
A: If you are a family group then you can come and visit Oxon Cove Park without a reservation and join in the programs. It is advisable to call ahead and check the schedule. If you are part of a group of five or more you must have a reservation (made at least two weeks in advance of your visit) to participate in the programs. However, a group without a reservation can come to Oxon Cove Park and tour on their own.

Q: It is summertime. Where are all the animals?
A: Many visitors are disappointed when they do not see the animals during the hot summer months. But, the answer to this question is a simple one. The animals are eating and keeping cool. In spring and summer, when the grass is growing green and dense after a long, cold winter, the animals are grazing. Allowing animals to graze is a healthy approach to animal upkeep, keeping down feeding costs, and helping to restore winter feeding areas. When the heat of summer arrives, the farm animals are looking for a way to beat the heat, also. A shady area for animals to rest under is the most natural way for animals to keep cool. So when the temperature and humidity rises, expect the animals to head for the cool comfort of the shade trees.

Q: Can you buy food at Oxon Cove Park?
A: No, but there are a variety of restaurants close by. You can also bring your food and have a picnic in the park. Picnic areas are first-come frist-served.

Q: Is there a gift shop?
A: We have a parkstore that is operated by America's National Parks that offers a wide variety of educational, theme-related, site specific merchandise.

Q: Can I bring my dog if it is on a leash?
A: No. Dogs are not allowed.

Q: Is Oxon Hill Farm a petting farm?
A: No. Our animals roam their pastures. Do not enter the pastures or enclosures unless directed by a National Park Service employee.

Last updated: April 18, 2020

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