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A young lady holds up an ipad with a historic view of Centre Street and actively compares it with the present day view in front of her.
This GPS-enabled walking tour app will be your guide to the City that Lit the World. Historic photos, paintings, illustrations, and stories of triumph, tragedy, and perseverance are all available in the palm of your hand.


New Bedford Shoreside Industries App

Free download for Smartphones & Tablets. Brought to you by New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park and the New Bedford Whaling Museum.

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New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park's Shoreside Industries app takes visitors to the whaling city on a journey through time.

New Bedford vessels explored the world's oceans in search of whales, and this seafaring community bustled with activity to support New Bedford's fleet of whaling ships and the thousands of men from across the globe who risked their lives hunting the largest creatures on earth.

Learn about the men and women who contributed to New Bedford's dominance of 19th century whaling through historic photographs, paintings and illustrations, and stories of triumph, tragedy, sacrifice, and perseverance.

A GPS enabled triggering system allows users to access information automatically or manually. Let this walking tour app be your guide to the city that Herman Melville described as "perhaps the greatest place to live in, in all New England."


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