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Our partnership park encompasses federal, state, regional, and local public lands. While we do not require reservations to enjoy and recreate in the park, some partner parks, museums, and historical sites within our park boundaries do.

Additional charges from partners may apply (e.g., reservation fees, parking). Please contact those parks and facilities for more information.


Special Use Permits

A Special Use Permit (SUP) is required for activities on federal park property that provide a benefit to an individual, group, or organization rather than the public at large. These activities require written authorization and some degree of management control in order to protect park resources and the public interest. SUPs are granted for a specific period of time and location. Certain fees, bonding, and insurance requirements may apply. Examples include (but are not limited to):

  • special events
  • organized runs
  • large gatherings
  • demonstrations
  • commercial photography
  • commercial filming
  • weddings
  • ceremonies
  • scattering of ashes
  • First Amendment activities
  • rights-of-way/easements

Read the Superintendent's Compendium 36 CFR §1.6 –Activities that Require a Permit.


Special Use Permit FAQs

Last updated: June 22, 2023

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