Lincoln Memorial Murals

orange brown and gold mural
The north wall mural of the Lincoln Memorial.

Carol Highsmith Photo

Above each of the Lincoln Memorial Inscriptions is a 60' x 12' mural painted by Jules Guerin graphically portraying governing principles evident in Lincoln's life. Both scenes contain a background of cypress trees, the emblem of Eternity. The murals were crafted with a special mixture of paint which included elements of kerosene and wax to protect the exposed artwork from fluctuations in temperature and moisture conditions.
mural with angel in center with hands in the air
The south mural.  Carol Highsmith Photo.
South Wall:
See a high res image of the mural.

Entitled Emancipation, the south mural above the Gettysburg Address represents Freedom and Liberty.The central panel shows the Angel of Truth releasing slaves from the shackles of bondage.On the left hand side of the mural Justice and Law are represented. On the right hand side, Immortality is the central figure surrounded by Faith, Hope and Charity.
angle joining the hands of those standing next to her. golden wings behind them
The north mural.  Carol Highsmith Photo.

North Mural

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Entitled Unity, the north mural located above the Second Inaugural Address, features the Angel of Truth joining the hands of two figures representing the north and south. Her protective wings cradle figures representing the arts of Painting, Philosophy, Music, Architecture, Chemistry, Literature, and Sculpture. Emerging from behind the Music figure is the veiled image of the future.The left group represents Fraternity while the right group represents Charity. The fourth figure from the left of the Angel of Truth is Lincoln Memorial architect Henry Bacon.

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