NPS Call to Action: #15 A Class Act

Class of 2016
Shaker Jr/Sr High School in Latham, NY



Advancing the NPS Education Mission

#15 A Class Act - Help Students develop a deep understanding of park resources and the relevance of parks in their lives through a series of park education programs. To do so we have adopted a class of 2016 graduates who have developed a series of fun, educational, and engaging activities culminating in the NPS Centennial in 2016.

Roosevelt-Vanderbilt-Martin Van Buren National Historic Sites Announces our 2016 Adopted Class: Shaker Jr/Sr High School, Latham, NY.

Take a look and see what these dedicated students have been working on.


2014 - Interpreting Eleanor Roosevelt & Human Rights

Student Presentations:

1. Child Labor and Awareness of Violations
PowerPoint Script

2. Fair Trade & Human Rights

3. The Roosevelt's & Civil Rights of Minorities

4. Women & Education, A Cause Championed by Mrs. Roosevelt

5. Women & The Work Force, Emphasizing Inequalities World Wide
Text for Presentation

6. Eleanor Roosevelt & Civil Rights in the African American Community


2015 - The Roosevelt's through NPS Gardening & Horticulture

1. The students are currently working with the park on a timeline for FDR's Home Garden.

2. The students are working on designing and implementing a Hydroponic Garden (The model program at Val-Kill based on Mrs. Roosevelt and her legacy of Peace, "A Garden of Peace, Hope and Justice," for their school library. Check back for more information later in the year!


2016 - Natural Resources & Resource Protection

1. Students will learn about natural resource inventory through hands-on experiences.

2. Students will learn about Resource Protection.

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