More than a bridge: Historic Rehabilitation of Arlington Memorial Bridge

Crane lifts large piece of steel for installation on side of Arlington Memorial Bridge
A crane lifts historic fascia (face steel) for reinstallation after its rehabilitation.

NPS /Jarob Ortiz

Work is underway at Arlington Memorial Bridge! Since last March, the project team has been at work installing new, pre-cast concrete panels on the bridge deck. That work is now done, and we are now installing the sidewalks and driving surface. With the road deck in place, it's also time to start reinstalling the historic, granite balustrade and the metal panels in the middle of the bridge.

Construction machinery and workers on Arlington Memorial Bridge during rehabilitation project.
Workers prepare the bridge deck for new, pre-cast concrete panels.

NPS / Jonathan Shafer

The structure that supported the balustrade needed to be replaced, and this was the first time all of the stone has been removed since 1932. Workers are reinstalling the granite balustrade in the exact same locations where they have been for the last 86 years. This is important because it will helps maintain the bridge's historic fabric and function.
Arlington Memorial Bridge with traffic in three open lanes and construction in three closed lanes. Cranes and other construction equipment are on the closed side of the bridge.
Construction underway at Arlington Memorial Bridge on September 23, 2019.


Learn more about the bridge’s role as a memorial and its importance as a link the National Capital Region’s transportation network online at

Last updated: October 8, 2019

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