Plan Your Visit - Safety

The Waiting Room

  • Submit to all safety checks and inspections.
  • Don't pack or bring anything not allowed: alcohol, pets, controlled substances, weapons, or explosives.

The Ferry Ride

  • Follow all ferry crew instructions. Always. They are good people, they know their stuff and they want to see you walk off the ferry and have a good day.
  • Loading and Unloading - there is no hurry to get on or get off the ferry. You all with get there together. Leave the charging herd mentality back on the main land.
  • Life Vests - Note the location of life vests for you and young children - generally under the seats or canvas enclosed racks on the vehicle deck.
  • Docking - Please stay seated or hold on to a hand rail if possible, and do STAY OFF the stairs. The ferry can bump hard unexpectedly and occasionally several times while docking.

Last updated: May 26, 2016

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