Vestiges of Lands End

Lands End Vestiges Map

Vestiges of Lands End is a digital guidebook that will guide you through the history of different geographic regions of Lands End. Photos will highlight important structures, stories, landscapes, events, people, artifacts and geology that make up each area’s interesting past.

A "vestige" is defined as a mark, trace, or visible evidence of something that is no longer present or in existence. Vestiges of the rich history of Lands End are scattered throughout the windswept landscape and dramatic coastline that defines its boundaries. These traces of the past manifest themselves in a variety of forms ranging in scale from large, prominent landmarks, buildings, and natural phenomena to hidden or widely unknown artifacts, abandoned pathways, recycled materials and untold stories. Follow the links below to learn more detailed, historic and fun information about each individual region:


Vestiges of Lands End: Digital Guide


Last updated: May 12, 2022

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