Then And Now Pictures of the Battlefield

These Then-And-Now pictures bring together some of the more unforgettable pictures of post-battle Gettysburg with modern versions taken from the same location as the originals. For many, these photographs conjure feelings of awe and amazement along with sadness and despair. These feelings are often magnified when visitors realize they can stand on the same ground – and see the same things – that Alexander Gardner, Timothy O’Sullivan, James Gibson, and others did when they took their unforgettable images in 1863, 1913, and 1938. It is with these unforgettable photographs in mind, and a nod to the men whose timeless images evoke such strong emotions, that we bring you this page. This is our attempt to look back through the windows of time.

  • Click and drag the center circle on each picture back and forth to compare the Then and Now images.

Last updated: May 5, 2021

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