Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When was Albert Gallatin born?
A: January 29 1761

Q: Where was he born?
A: Geneva, Switzerland

Q: When did Gallatin come to America?
A: 1780

Q: How did Gallatin end up in Western Pennsylvania?
A: He was surveying and interested in land speculation in the Ohio Valley.

Q: Why did Gallatin name his property Friendship Hill?
A: Because of his friendship with other business partners

Q: What types of business ventures did Gallatin pursue?
A: Glass manufacturing, milling and musket production

Q: How Gallatin meet Sophia Allegre?
A: Gallatin stayed at a Richmond, VA boardinghouse run by Sophia’s mother.

Q: When did Gallatin and Sophia marry?
A: May 14, 1789

Q: What did Sophia die from?
A: Unknown illness or possibly a miscarriage.

Q: Why was Gallatin expelled from the U.S. Senate?
A: He failed the citizenship requirements.

Q: How many terms did Gallatin serve in the U.S. House of Representatives?
A: Three

Q: How long did Gallatin serve as Secretary of Treasury?
A: 13 years, the only person to serve that length of time in that office.

Q: What was Gallatin’s political affiliation?
A: Antifederalist

Q: How did Gallatin meet Hannah Nicholson?
A: Gallatin met Hannah through her father Commodore Nicholson, Gallatin's business partner, during his frequent trips to New York City.

Q: Why did Hannah Gallatin not like living at Friendship Hill
A: She was a “city belle” and liked the social aspects of urban living

Q: How many children did the Gallatins have?
A: Six, however only three live to adulthood.

Q: How long did Gallatin serve as Minister to France?
A: 1816 to 1823, 7 years

Q: What is the longest span of time the Gallatins resided at Friendship Hill?
A: May 1824 to October 1825, Appx. 18 months

Q: What did Gallatin do after leaving Friendship Hill?
A: He returned to diplomatic service as the U.S. Minister to Great Britain.

Q: Where is Albert Gallatin buried?
A: In the Trinity Churchyard, in lower Manhattan, New York City, with Hannah Nicholson Gallatin.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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