Field Trip Checklist for Teachers


1. Call us at 432-426-3224 ext. 220 and schedule your visit. State date and time of arrival, the Activity-Based Educational Program you wish, and total number of students and sponsors (minimum one sponsor per 10 students).

2. Mail or Fax an educational Fee Waiver (DOC/PDF). FAX: (432-426-3122)
Fort Davis National Historic Site P.O. Box 1379 Fort Davis, TX79734.

3. Down Load Pre and Post Visit Activities and Worksheets (For more grade specific activities click "Curriculum Materials" on menu bar.)


1. Divide class into small groups at the Fort.
All on-site programs require students to work in small groups. To save time, divide the class into small groups ahead of time. Each group must have an adult with it at all times at the Fort. The smaller the group, the better. To ensure a quality experience, 3-5 students per group is ideal.

2. Bring hats & sunscreen for warm weather, winter clothes for cold weather.
Fort Davis is at high elevation (5,000 feet). Park visitors can easily get
sunburned in certain months, and the mountains can experience freezing temperatures.

3. Wear good walking shoes.
You will walk approximately 1 mile at the Fort.

4. Water is essential in the desert
Students are advised to bring closeable water bottles, or they can purchase bottled water
in the Visitor Center. Three drinking fountains are available in warm weather- inside the Visitor Center, outside the Auditorium, and in front of the Commanding Officer's Quarters. In colder months, the two outside drinking fountains are turned off because of freezing weather.


1. Arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of time to allow for restroom stop and getting organized.

2. Park bus in parking lot, turn off motor, unload students.

3. Head teacher reports to ranger at Visitor Center immediately.
Show the letter indicating that your group has been granted a fee waiver.

4. Other.
Teachers/sponsors direct students' use of restrooms at the Visitor Center. These are the only restrooms at the fort and can only accommodate 3-4 students at a time.

5. Assemble students in their groups at benches in front of Visitor Center.
Do not allow students inside Visitor Center at this time. Please do not block breezeway. A park ranger or volunteer will provide a short orientation for your students.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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