"I gave out the psalm and they have been singing to the tune ever since.”    - Samuel Slater

The Blackstone River powered America's entry into the Age of Industry. The success of Samuel Slater's cotton spinning mill in Pawtucket, RI touched off a chain reaction that changed how people worked and where they lived, and continues to reverberate across the nation to this day. Come visit and see how this revolution transformed the landscape of the Blackstone Valley and then the United States.

Picture of Ranger showing Passport book and Ink Stamp

Blackstone Passport Book

We invite you to take your park Passport Book and explore the Blackstone River Valley National Historical Park.

Roger Williams National Memorial

Visit Roger Williams National Memorial

Situated in Providence along the Blackstone Canal, come visit our sister park. The park grounds are open from dawn until dusk.

Pictures and Portraits of influential people of the Blackstone River Valley

People of the Blackstone River Valley

Learn more about the people who helped influence the industrialization of the Blackstone River Valley.

Map of Park

Places of the Blackstone River Valley

Learn more about the significant places situated in the Blackstone River Valley that spearheaded the American Industrial Revolution

Image of machines in an old mill buidling

Beginnings of Industry in America

What makes the Blackstone River Valley so special? See how modern industrial America began here.

Self Guided Walking Tours

Self Guided Walking Tours

Explore the mill villages of the Blackstone River NHP any time, at your own pace. Take along our self guided tours on your digital device.

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