Guided Programs

Picture of Henry Coleman, a former confederate soldier.
Living Historians portray individuals like Henry Coleman, a former Confederate soldier.


At Appomattox Court House visitors have opportunities to participate in living history talks and ranger lead talks. A living history talk is presented by a staff member who portrays a person who actually lived during 1865 and shares with visitors what he or she experienced around the time of the surrender. While giving talks and between talks the individuals will not break character, so do not ask questions referring to anything that occurred after that time. These talks are typically from April-October. Pictures with a description of each character is available.

Visitors with ranger in center of village
Ranger talk in village center


Ranger talks are scheduled on most days from April through September. The ranger discusses the history of the village, what led up to the surrender, what happened the week of April 9 thru April 12, 1865 and various other topics. Most of these talks are held in a shady part of the park and last around 30-40 minutes.

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