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Appomattox Crossword Puzzle


Appomattox Crossword Puzzle


2. date of second meeting of Generals

5. another name for the United States

7. another name for northern soldiers

9. table at which Grant sat

10. Commander of the Army of Northern Virginia

16. name of village where the generals met

17. name for southern soldiers

18. Grant's Native American Assistant

19. Commander of the Union Armies

20. building in which the Generals met

21. date of surrender


1. table at which Lee sat

3. war that divided the north and south

4. name given to the unofficial observer of Lee's and Grant's meeting

6. name for southern soldiers

8. assured safe passage for southern soldiers going home

11. date of surrender of arms ceremony

12. room in which the generals met

13. food for soldiers

14. Union Commander at surrender of arms

15. what General Lee did to the Army of Northern Virginia

Last updated: June 7, 2022

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