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Wreath at Memorial
Burial Mounds Wreath

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In the 1990s, the General Services Administration (GSA) was building government offices when human remains were found 25-30 feet underground. Who were these people and why were they buried here? This discovery led scientists, historians, and the public to study a long-forgotten chapter in New York’s history when enslaved Africans helped build New Amsterdam (the colony's name before it changed to New York). African Burial Ground National Monument honors these Africans’ memory and contributions. Their spirit continues to guide visitors’ understanding of enslavement in New York City’s colonial history. Visit this free national park site and find out what this story means to you.
Outdoor Memorial at Night
Outdoor Memorial at Night

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African Burial Ground National Monument is close to the Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall, in Lower Manhattan.

The African Burial Ground National Monument visitor center address is 290 Broadway, between Duane and Reade Streets. The outside memorial is located on the corner of Duane Street and African Burial Ground Way (Elk Street).

At the Memorial

There are no bathrooms at the memorial. Please do not eat or drink in the memorial. Food and drink are sold close by.

Visitor Center displays, including a burial scene at center.
African Burial Ground Visitor Center exhibits


At the Visitor Center
Please be advised that visitors entering 290 Broadway are subject to airport-style security. This may include the removal of shoes and presenting of photo identification. Please plan accordingly.

To reserve a ranger-led tour visit: African Burial Ground National Monument Tours, African Burial Ground National Monument -

A ranger must guide visitors who want to take photos and videos of the artwork in the Ted Weiss Federal Building’s lobby. Artwork tours are available in the fall and winter. Reservations are required. To reserve a Guided Art Tour, please visit African Burial Ground National Monument Tours, African Burial Ground National Monument -

The visitor center has bathrooms, water fountains, exhibits, a 20-minute park movie, and a bookstore/gift shop.

Please do not eat food (including gum), drink, or smoke inside the building. Please silence any mobile devices while inside the visitor center.

One can take non-commercial photos and video in the Visitor Center exhibit area. One needs a permit for commercial photos and videos and special events hosted at the African Burial Ground National Monument.

Want to visit? Plan ahead! Click here for regular hours of operation. Please click on alerts for additional information about the site.


Last updated: October 25, 2022

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