Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Do I have to go on a guided tour to see the homes?
You must be on a guided tour to see the Old House at Peace field and the Stone Library. The Adams Farm at Penn’s Hill (the John Adams and John Quincy Adams Birthplaces) are open for self-guided tours throughout the day depending on staff availability. Extended park tours also include guided tours at the Adams Farm at Penn’s Hill. Please check with the visitor center to confirm availability.

FAQ: Where is the best place to start my tour?
If you have an entrance pass and have booked a tour reservation in advance online at, you can proceed directly to the starting location listed in your reservation confirmation. Tours of the Old House at Peace field begin on the front porch of the house. Extended park tours begin at the Adams Farm at Penn’s Hill. If you have not made advanced reservations, the best place to start your visit to Adams National Historical Park is at the visitor center, where you can purchase entrance passes and book tour reservations if available.

FAQ: Can I take pictures?
Feel free to take photographs on your tour! Videography, flash photography, and selfie sticks are not allowed. Photographs must be taken during the tour. The use of tripods during a tour for photography is not allowed. If you're interested in a professional photo shoot, please fill out a Special Use Permit.

FAQ: How long does the tour last?
Tours of the Old House at Peace field last approximately 30 minutes and include a visit to the Stone Library. Extended park tours last approximately 2 hours and include a tour of the Adams Farm at Penn’s Hill, the Old House at Peace field, and the Stone Library.

FAQ: Can I make reservations for the tour?
You will need tour reservations to go on a guided tour. Advanced reservations can be made online at A limited number of reservations can be made on the day of your visit in-person at the visitor center. We strongly recommend making reservations in advance to guarantee the tour and time that suits you. Entrance passes must be purchased in addition to tour reservations.

FAQ: What about group reservations?
Please contact Supervisory Recreation Fee Technician Jason Halin at or 617-770-1175 regarding reservations for groups of 10 or more people.

FAQ: Where can I park?
In the parking garage located behind the Visitor Center. Bring your parking ticket in with you to be validated, parking is free.

FAQ: Are pets allowed on the grounds or in the homes?
No, pets are not allowed anywhere in the park.

FAQ: Can I take my wedding pictures on the grounds or have my wedding there?
No, weddings and wedding photos are not permitted.

FAQ: Are the homes open at all during the closed season?
No, the homes are completely closed during the closed season. The grounds, however, remain open dawn to dusk.

Last updated: March 21, 2024

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