Great Marsh Trail

Great Marsh Trail

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A really nice birding hike with views of the largest wetland complex in the Lake Michigan watershed.
Flocks of coots, mallards, and wood ducks now glide over the wetland's surface. Kingfishers, tree swallows, and rusty blackbirds rest during migration. Green herons stalk the shoreline while beaver play in the channels. The Great Marsh abounds in the diverse animal activity of a healthy wetland ecosystem. During the migration periods, the wetland will be frequented by flocks of ducks and geese. The wading birds like herons and egrets, and the song birds such as warblers and red-winged black birds are abundant.

Trail Features: Birding, Great Marsh, Wildlife
Must See Gems: Great Marsh Observation Deck

Getting There
Trailhead Parking Lots
Both lots are north of U.S. Highway 12 on Broadway Avenue, Beverly Shores, IN 46301
South lot is the main trailhead. North lot has one handicap and one regular parking spot.

Trailhead GPS Coordinates
South Lot: 41.674825, -86.986607 (Decimal Degrees)
North Lot: 41.677522, -86.988220 (Decimal Degrees)

Need to Know

Hours & Information

  • Hours – Open daily from 6:00 am to 11:00 pm.
  • Passes are required.
  • Hike Length – 1.3 miles.
  • Hike Time – 1 hour.
  • Difficulty – Easy with no change in elevation.
  • Trail Surface – Packed dirt and grass with some sections of gravel. Trail can be very wet and muddy.
  • Facilities – No restrooms or potable water.
  • Pets – Permitted on a leash (6' or shorter).
  • Prohibited – Littering, hunting, and removing plants.
  • Prohibited – Bicycles and motorized vehicles.
  • Main trailhead is at the south parking lot.
  • The south parking lot is gravel. The north parking lot is paved.


  • Please stay on the trail and respect closed area signs. Going off trail damages fragile habitat.
  • Ticks are present year-round. Take precautionary measures to prevent bites.
  • Poison ivy can be present on the edges of the trail.
  • Wear adequate footwear as the trail can be muddy and slippery in sections.
  • Be prepared for changing weather conditions.
  • In case of an emergency or to report a crime, call 1-800-PARK-TIP.


  • The main trail is not wheelchair accessible. There is a paved wheelchair accessible trail to an overlook of the marsh from the north parking lot.

Trail Map
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Paper trail maps are available at the trailhead kiosk and the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center.
Great Marsh Trail Map
Great Marsh Trail Map

Featured Hikes
Great Marsh Trail
1.3 miles, 9 feet of elevation gain, 0% average grade, 1% maximum grade
Hike time: 1 hour

The featured hike starts from the south parking lot trailhead. Follow the trail generally north until the T-junction. Turn right and complete the lollipop shaped trail. Return to the T-junction and head straight this time to the Great Marsh observation desk. Lastly, hike back to the T-junction and turn right, which will take you back to the south parking lot.

History and Background
The Great Marsh is the largest interdunal wetland in the Lake Michigan watershed. It serves as a critical habitat for breeding and migratory birds. This popular trail features an overlook of the marsh where you can spot a wide variety of birds ranging from Great Blue Herons to Sandhill Cranes. While much of the marsh was drained in the early 1900's for residential and agricultural use, the National Park Service began restoration of this portion in 1998.

The diversity of plants, birds and habitats signifies the return of a healthy wetland ecosystem after decades of neglect. Now restored, the Great Marsh's fens, sedge meadows and wet prairies are again thriving and providing the natural filter to improve the area's water quality.


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Great Marsh Trail
A sandhill crane along the Great Marsh trail.
Great Marsh Trail
A great blue heron along the Great Marsh trail.
Great Marsh Trail
A warbler along the Great Marsh trail.
Great Marsh Trail
A white egret along the Great Marsh trail.
Great Marsh Trail
Fall colors along the Great Marsh trail.

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