• Approximately 1,500 black bears live in the national park.

    Great Smoky Mountains

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Backcountry Office & Permit System Restructuring

Great Smoky Mountains National Park changed the backcountry reservation and permitting process in February 2012. The changes include a $4 per person per night fee for backcountry camping. The fee will be used to provide increased customer service for backcountry trip planning, reservations, permits and the backcountry experience.

A park-specific reservation and permit system, which users will have 24/7 access to, allows backcountry campers to make reservations and obtain permits online from anywhere internet access is available. Reservations may be made at any time up to 30 days in advance, allowing maximum flexibility for those making last minute plans. Backcountry users are no longer be required to call the Backcountry Office to obtain reservations. Reservation and permit requests are also accepted in person at the Backcountry Office, which is located at the Sugarlands Visitor Center.

Backcountry Office hours have been expanded with additional staff available to provide trip planning assistance both over the phone and in person. In addition, Park Rangers assigned exclusively to the backcountry are providing enhanced enforcement for issues such as wildlife violations and food storage.

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