The generosity of our citizens through their tax dollars and their donations helps to sustain America's national parks. Donations may be made:

Your support makes a difference. Thank you!

Major Campaigns Underway

    National park Friends Groups and other partners sometimes take on major projects with us that require widespread public support to achieve extraordinary results. Projects like these:

    Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation is raising $20 million for the Peopling of America Center to expand the story of immigration told at Ellis Island.

    Yosemite Conservancy is raising $11 million for multiple projects in Yosemite National Park.

    Friends of Acadia is raising $9 million to maintain Acadia National Park's 130-mile system of footpaths.

    National Park Foundation is raising $30 million to build the Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.

A Few of Our Friends

    With the support of park Friends Groups, we enrich the park experience for more that 275 million visitors every year and enhance our care of more than 400 national parks. Meet some of our Friends:

    The Mississippi River Fund and Mississippi River National Recreation Area are developing a wilderness canoe program to introduce urban kids and their families to the national park in their backyard.

    Friends of Homestead, partner of Homestead National Monument of America in Nebraska, is collecting family histories from the descendents of Homesteaders in preparation for the 150th anniversary of the Homestead Act in 2012.

    The Friends of Big Bend National Park is supporting the Texas park's popular Teacher-Ranger-Teacher program, offering a stipend for a teacher to become a uniformed ranger for eight weeks in summer of 2010.