Organized Non-Commercial Groups

Organized Non-commercial Groups include church groups, college/school groups, scouts, service organizations, military, etc.

All holders of ATB Interagency Passes, Golden Passports, Grand Canyon passes and those under 16 years of age will be exempt from payment of fees. Passes allow free entrance to individual pass holders under the conditions stated on the pass.

Organized Non-commercial Groups in vehicles with a manufacture's designed capacity of 16 or less are charged the $35.00 vehicle permit or a fee of $8.00 per person in vehicles with a manufacture's designed capacity of 16 or greater. Removal of seats from a vehicle does not then qualify for the lower rate. Age and pass exemptions apply. (U.S. Dollars)

The total fee charged for an Organized Non-commercial Group will not exceed the $300 fee per vehicle. (U.S. Dollars)

Organized Non-Commercial Groups are not eligible to purchase Interagency Federal Recreational Lands Passes.

National Park Service policy permits entrance fees to be waived for national and international academic institutions visiting parks for non-commercial educational purposes. However, Educational Fee Waivers are not issued automatically. Educational groups must apply and meet the criteria to receive a fee waiver.

Rev. 1/23/2023

Last updated: June 9, 2023

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