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Extreme Temperatures

Why is Death Valley so hot? Why is Death Valley so dry? Students explore how geography and geology interact to make Death Valley extreme.

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Come explore our 3.4 million acre classroom! Work with our Education Specialist, or get information on fee waivers, field trips, and more.

Kids & Youth

There are lots of great things for kids to do in Death Valley.


From snow-covered peaks to beautiful sand dunes the driest, lowest, hottest spot in North America has so much to explore.

History and Culture
History and Culture

The home of the Timbisha Shoshone, towns and mining camps have come and gone, and now a National Park.

A smiling woman at a fair booth for the Death Valley Natural History association
Death Valley Natural History Association

Death Valley Natural History Association is the nonprofit partner of the National Park, and operates the bookstores in the Visitor Centers.

Laws, Policies, and Planning

Learn about laws and management policies, information and public comment for projects in Death Valley.

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Visitor guide (park newspaper)

All you need to plan your visit to Death Valley. Download it, save it to your device or print it out before your visit.

Last updated: February 17, 2023

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