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Remnants of an ancient wall at the Yucca House archeological site, with private farmland in background.
Remnants of Ancestral Puebloan architecture at Yucca House National Monument, surrounded by private farmland.

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Yucca House National Monument preserves a Montezuma Valley Ancestral Pueblo site and remains unexcavated, preserving its archeological integrity and beauty for future generations of scientists and visitors. To the untrained eye, the site is simply a cluster of rocky mounds. But to archeologists or those with a bit of an imagination, it holds the secrets of a large and active farming community that existed centuries ago.

If you wish to visit the site, please be prepared to follow directions carefully. The monument is surrounded by private land, there are no directional signs to guide you, and you will be travelling on gravel and dirt roads. There are no facilities or informational signs, so you may want to download and print the Yucca House Visitor Guide (pdf, 258 kb) before you go.

Services -- such as gasoline, food, water, lodging, or kennels -- are not available at Yucca House National Monument. The closest gasoline and grocery facilities are in Cortez, approximately 8 miles from Yucca House.

Last updated: July 31, 2021

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