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Visitors look for a name on the wall.  (2013)

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Visiting the Vietnam Veterans Memorial can be a very emotional experience for visitors. Please be respectful of others while you visit.

How to Find a Name on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial
To locate a name on the wall, use one of the catalogs available near the entrances of the memorial. The names are listed alphabetically by last name in the catalog. Each listing provides a panel number and a row number. To locate the name entry on the wall, look on the bottom corner of each panel for its panel number (e.g. 24W) and then count down the rows starting from the top. As an indexing aid, every other panel has pip marks on every tenth row to help users count the rows. Typically five names appear on each row (six appear where names have been added to the wall since 1982). Rangers and volunteers are available to assist you.

Rangers and volunteers provide regularly-scheduled programs and occasional special programs at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. See the National Mall and Memorial Parks' Schedule of Events for upcoming programs.

Visit our partner Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund for information about specific events such as Memorial Day and Veterans Day observances.

Last updated: April 18, 2017

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