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Elephant Back Mountain Trail

Hikers rest and look out at Yellowstone Lake from atop a mountaintop.

This trail climbs 800 feet (244 m) in 1-½ miles (2.4 km) through the dense lodgepole forest. After 0.8 of a mile, the trail splits into a loop. The left fork is the shortest route to the top, though both join again at the overlook. The overlook provides a sweeping panoramic view of Yellowstone Lake and surrounding area.

Safety notes: Always be aware of your surroundings and look for signs of grizzly bears.

Trailheads: Pullout 1 mile (1.5 km) south of Fishing Bridge Junction.

This is a 3.5-mile (5.6-kilometer) lollipop loop trail that begins and ends at the same trailhead.
Moderately strenuous hike
Pets Allowed
Entrance fees may apply, see Fees & Passes information.
This trail is located in the central part of the park, with the trailhead just north of Lake Village.
Summer, Fall
Time of Day
Any Time

Yellowstone National Park

Four hikers sit on a rock at the top of the mountain, with a view of the lake in the distance.
Hikers resting and enjoying the view of Yellowstone Lake

NPS/Diane Renkin

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Hikers rest and look out at Yellowstone Lake from atop a mountaintop.

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Last updated: October 22, 2019