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 About the Network to Freedom Database


Fall 2015 comrehensive list of Network to Freedom members

The Network to Freedom database includes all the sites, facilities, and programs that have each, in their own way, met the basic criteria of showing an association to the Underground Railroad and additional criteria established for each element type. The database includes National Park Service sites and programs; sites on, or determined to be eligible for inclusion on, the National Register of Historic Places; and the wide variety of sites, facilities, and programs in the public and private sectors devoted to preserving, commemorating, or educating the public about places and stories from the Underground Railroad.

Elements in the Network to Freedom are authorized to use the Network to Freedom logo, which identifies that site, facility, or program as having undergone evaluation by the National Park Service for its contribution to expanding the American people’s understanding of the Underground Railroad, and having met certain requirements for inclusion.

Elements that carry the Network to Freedom logo agree to cooperate in spirit with the National Park Service’s Network to Freedom Program and to pursue the general objectives of the National Park Service and the Network to Freedom Program, as shown in the criteria for inclusion. And, the National Park Service periodically re-evaluates Network to Freedom elements to determine if the element’s activities have changed over time or if it was misrepresented in its application.

Nonetheless, inclusion in the Network to Freedom does not imply that sites, facilities, or programs are operated to National Park Service standards, or that the National Park Service has any responsibility for their management or administration. Unless noted otherwise, the National Park Service has no authority over the elements, nor does it carry any obligations of liability.

Please note that in the case of some sites, access may be prohibited or limited, or some facilities or programs may be accessible by appointment only. The National Park Service recommends that people interested in a particular element should contact the contact person.

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