Fire Bibliography-General Literature

References are categorized by "General Literature/Information", "Technical & Scientific Literature" (from the 1960s, from the 1970s, from the 1980s, from the 1990s, and from the 2000s) and "Historic & Background Literature." Bibliographic material concentrates on Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks and the southern Sierra Nevada but also includes other fire related references that may be of general interest. Papers are listed by date within each section. (Updated: 29-Mar-2006)

Abstracts or the complete text for some of the references are available for download. Full documents are usually in Acrobat PDF file format (size will be indicated next to link) and will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view (free from Adobe). Many of the articles listed below were written and prepared by U.S. Government employees on official time, and are therefore in the public domain. Additionally, many of the on-line publications are scanned and captured using Adobe Acrobat. During the capture process some typographical errors may have occurred. If you encounter any that make a publication unuseable please contact Tony Caprio - Division of Natural Resources.

Smoke from a prescribed burn billows up in a sequoia grove
Smoke from a prescribed burn billows up in a sequoia grove.

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General Literature

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  • High Country News Special Reports

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  • Op-Ed responding to above High Country News Special Report: Fire in the West - It's No Simple Story. Editorial comments on report by Julio Betancourt (USGS), Thomas W. Swetnam (Univ. of Ariz.), Craig Allen (USGS), and Melissa Savage (UCLA), HCN - July 7, 2003.

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  • Op-Ed in Fresno Bee on fire in sequoia groves: "Fires vital for long-term health of sequoia forests" by Russel J. Wilson, March 11, 2005 (acting superintendent of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks).

  • Op-Ed in Auburn Journal on fire in California: "Reducing risk in a fire-prone state" by Norman L. Christensen, April 27, 2005

  • A Burning Question. by Scott Kirkwood.NPCA - National Parks Magazine. Summer 2005.

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