In very windy conditions (sustained winds of 25 mph and above) we strong advise visitors to avoid the area around the church, with the possibility of falling clay tiles from the roof. In addition, with a cemetery of nearly 40 trees, some more than 100 years old, we strongly advise against touring the burial yard in high wind conditions, because of the possibiity of falling branches or limbs.

The museum and historic church are safe.Visitors should observe normal procedures of walking slowly and being careful around exhibit cases.In the church, the guided tour often accesses the second floor balcony overhang, and here a special note of caution is in order.The front railing or border of the gallery is quite low by modern standards, and visitors should be especially careful at that point.

Outside, we advise visitors to recognize they are walking through a historic cemetery, with some patches of uneven ground. Be mindful that some of the ground stones are as low as six inches off the ground; please be careful to avoid tripping. Seasonally, there might be an occasional animal hole, although our staff would normally mark it off with a flag of some sort. Please don't climb onto the mounds of the vaults.

Tour safely and have a pleasant experience at St. Paul's.

Last updated: February 22, 2023

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