The Pig War Bibliography

Haro Strait
The Haro Strait, the U.S.-claimed boundary channel, as painted by James Madison Alden of the Northwest Boundary Survey, circa 1858-1859.

National Archives



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Lt. Gen. Winfield Scott
Lt.Gen. Winfield Scott traveled to the San Juan Islands from New York City to mediate the Pig War crisis.

National Archives


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Government Documents

National Archives, Washington D. C.

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Microfilm, M617, Returns from U.S. Military Posts, 1800-1916, Roll 1112, San Juan Island, Washington Territory.

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Public Records Office, Kew, United Kingdom

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British Columbia Archives

K/RS/Sa5 San Juan Island papers

Capt. Geoffrey Phipps Hornby, RN
It was the calm and firm resolve of Capt. Geoffrey Phipps Hornby that stopped the crisis from escalating.

SAJH Image

Government Publications

U.S. Congress. Senate. Executive Document No. 10. 36th Cong., 1st. Sess. The Northwest Boundary Discussion of the Water Boundary Question: Geographical Memoir of the Islands in Dispute: and History of the Military Occupation of San Juan Island. Washington, D.C.: 1868.

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Other Documents

Howard E. Buswell Collections, Center for Pacific Northwest Studies, Western Washington University, Bellingham, WA 98225. Buswell was a longtime Bellingham historian, who compiled an extensive collection of pamphlets, photographs, maps, journals, historical reference works, newspapers, microfilms and audio-tapes. His primary interest was lower Nooksack Valley history.

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Map of American Camp, circa 1860
The U.S. Army camp and Belle Vue Sheep Farm, circa 1860, at the start of the 12-year joint military occupation of the island.

San Juan Island NHP


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Royal Marines working in the vegetable garden, circa 1860
Royal Marines work the vegetable garden in their new camp on Garrison Bay, San Juan Island, circa April 1860.

San Juan Island NHP

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Captain Delacombe and his officers at English Camp, circa 1870.
Captain William A. Delacombe and his officers on Officers Hill at English Camp, circa 1870.

San Juan Island NHP


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