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Where is the Pinelands National Reserve and how big is it?

The Pinelands National Reserve, created by the National Parks and Recreation Act of 1978, includes approximately 1.1 million acres encompassing portions of seven counties and all or part of 56 municipalities in the southern half of New Jersey.

Who owns the Pinelands National Reserve?

Approximately 50 percent of the Pinelands National Reserve is owned publicly. This includes Municipal, County, State, and Federal holdings and facilities. The other 50 percent is privately owned and includes home owners, farmers, business, corporations, and nonprofit organizations.

What hidden natural resource is covered by the Pinelands?

Pinelands lie above the 17.7-trillion-gallon Kirkwood-Cohansey aquifer, which contain enough water to cover all of New Jersey 10 feet deep - and equal to nearly half the water consumed each year in the U.S.

Why is there a difference in the size between the Pinelands National Reserve and the State of New Jersey designated Pinelands Area?

The boundaries of the Federal Pinelands National Reserve and the Pinelands Area, as defined by the state legislation, differ somewhat. The Reserve, totaling 1.1 million acres, includes land east of the Garden State Parkway and to the south bordering Delaware Bay, which is omitted from the 927,000 acre state Pinelands Area. The two jurisdictions together cover all or parts of 56 municipalities spread across seven counties -- Atlantic, Burlington, Camden, Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester, and Ocean.

What are the most notable Agricultural products grown in the Pinelands National Reserve?

All of the State’s cranberry production and virtually all of the blueberry production are located in the Pinelands. New Jersey ranks 4th in cranberry production nationally (2004) and 2nd in blueberry production nationally. Pinelands farms produced 40.2 million pounds of cranberries and 39 million pounds of blueberries in 2004.

Where can I go to experience New Jersey's Pinelands?

Whether you are interested in exploring a historic site, canoeing down a Pinelands steam, visiting a nature center, or hiking along a trail, you can find it in the Pinelands National Reserve. A Pinelands Guide to Recreational Opportunities, Historic Sites, Nature Centers, and Field Trips in the New Jersey Pinelands is available on-line at the NJ Pinelands Commission web site:

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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