The Van Buren Boys

President Van Buren and his wife Hannah Hoes had four surviving children, all boys. Born over the course of their short 12-year marriage, the youngest was two when Hannah passed away in 1819. Hannah’s relatives raised the children mostly separate from Van Buren, and most of our knowledge of the four sons comes from their adult lives. The evidence we have suggests they and Van Buren were quite close in later years.

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An older Abraham Van Buren in dress clothes posing against a pillar for a photo.
Major Abraham Van Buren

NPS Photo

Abraham Van Buren


Oldest Son, West Point Graduate, and Mexican-American War Soldier
John Van Buren sitting in a suit
John Van Buren

NPS Photo

John Van Buren


Lawyer, Attorney General of New York, and Free Soil Politician
Bullet Mold with two wooden handles
One of Martin Jr's hobbies was molding bullets that he used for hunting. Pictured above is a modern replica of a pullet molder of the style he may have used.

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Martin Van Buren Jr.


Secretary, Father's Companion, and Victim of Tuberculosis
Tintype photograph of Smith Thompson Van Buren wearing a suit and hat.
Tintype photograph of Smith Thompson Van Buren. This is the only known photograph of Smith and was made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal. Date unknown.

Appears in "Van Buren Wizard of O.K. & 8th USA President" by Ted Welles, published 1987.

Smith Thompson Van Buren


Youngest Son, Lawyer, and Home Remodeler

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