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Bears. Salmon. Volcanoes. Wilderness. Culture. These are the terranes of Katmai. Each is distinct, but in combination these features create a place like no other. Read about the uniqueness of Katmai in this blog.

Bears and More!

October 18, 2016 Posted by: Julian Narvaes

Ranger Julian reflects on his trip to the wild Moraine and Funnel Creeks .


Changing Tides - Bluebird Days For Researchers And Bears

June 15, 2016 Posted by: Joy Erlenbach

The first step for the 2016 portion of the Changing Tides Project was a success! 10 female bears have been collared for the 2016 study year.


Changing Tides - More Questions Than Answers

June 08, 2016 Posted by: Kaitlyn Kunce

With only one year completed for the three year Changing Tides Project, we ended up with more questions than answers. Find out what we did learn in this 2015 review.


Short Life of Sockeye Salmon

October 21, 2014 Posted by: Aaron Camire

Every summer between twenty-five and forty million sockeye salmon return to the lakes, rivers, and streams of the Bristol Bay watershed. Against immeasurable odds, they have reached the apex of a salmon's life: the spawning period. It is on these spawning grounds where the individual stories of salmon become more apparent.


The Blowing Preserve

August 26, 2014 Posted by: Mark Kaufman

Brown bears are the consummate omnivores, and Katmai National Park and Preserve provides an untrammeled land for its most dominant inhabitant to travel in search of food of all shapes and sizes.


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