United States Territoral Expansion Memorial Committee

United States Territorial Expansion Memorial Committee Records, 1933-1973

- Finding aid by Jacqueline E. Mitchell and Suellyn Lathrop

May 1989

Revised August 1991


The United States Territorial Expansion Memorial Commission (USTEMC) was formed by Congress for the purpose of working with the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Association (JNEHA) in formulating plans for construction of a "memorial to the men who made possible the territorial expansion of the United States." (from Senate Joint Resolution 93, Box 6, Folder 13) The records of the USTEMC were transferred to the National Park Service upon the dissolution of that organization (c. 1976). The collection measures approximately eleven linear feet, and includes papers of both USTEMC and JNEMA.

The correspondence, which incorporates about two-thirds of the collection, concerns a wide variety of issues. Early correspondence focuses on the architectural competition for the riverfront memorial. Correspondence from architect Eero Saarinen can be found for the period 1948 to 1960. It details Saarinen's concerns for maintaining his original concepts for the Memorial, zoning, and railroad relocation plans.

Boxes 1 through 4 contain the correspondence of JNEMA president William W. Crowdus. Correspondence between March and May of 1951 pertains to the death of Luther Ely Smith, the driving force behind the Memorial project. Other topics discussed include authorization of JNEM, appropriations, and the 1953 Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial.

The correspondence of Ronald J. Foulis pertains mainly to meetings of the USTEMC. As a member of both the Commission and JNEMA, Foulis acted as a liaison between the two groups. This correspondence also concerns the construction and dedication of the Gateway Arch. The correspondence is augmented by legislation for construction of the Memorial and appropriation of funds. There are also reports to membership for both USTEMC and JNEMA, as well as documents resulting in the relocation of the railroad tracks.

"The Arch Competition for the Jefferson Expansion Memorial Program," A Memorial Volume to Luther Ely Smith, and "An Imaginary Tour of Proposed JNEM" are just a few of the many published materials in the collection.

Photographs and newspaper articles in the collection are mainly from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Star-Times, and the St. Louis Globe-Democrat, but newspapers and magazines from other parts of the country are also represented. These articles describe the progress and setbacks in the funding of the Memorial, and the problems associated with its construction and completion.

Information obtained from this collection must be properly cited, whether used in publication or in other formats. A citation suggested for this collection is:

National Park Service

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial Archives

United States Territorial Expansion Memorial Commission Records, 1933-1973

Box __, Folder__

Researchers are advised that before records, photographs, and any other unpublished materials from this collection can be published or exhibited, permission from the National Park Service must be obtained in writing.


When processing the records of the United States Territorial Expansion Memorial Commission into an archival collection, the original order of the files was maintained, but with some minor modifications. To aid researchers using these materials, the Archives staff has organized the collection into eight series.

Series 1. Correspondence of Luther Ely Smith

Luther Ely Smith's correspondence is arranged chronologically from 1937 to 1949. It concerns early plans for the JNEM site, the architectural competition for a memorial design, railroad track relocation, zoning, and general JNEMA business during Smith's term as JNEMA president.

Series 2. Correspondence of William W. Crowdus

Correspondence of William W. Crowdus with members of JNEMA, USTEMC, and Congress is arranged chronologically from 1949 to 1959. This correspondence concerns legislative authorization, funding, dedication of the JNEM site, railroad track relocation, Luther Ely Smith's death, Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial, and general JNEMA business during Crowdus' term as JNEMA president.

Series 3. Correspondence of Ronald J. Foulis

This correspondence is arranged chronologically from 1959 to 1970. Topics of the correspondence include funding, USTEMC meetings, railroad track relocation, construction and dedication of the Gateway Arch, the Lewis & Clark Trail, membership in JNEMA and general USTEMC and JNEMA business during Foulis' term as secretary of USTEMC.

Series 4. USTEMC Legislation and Reports

Includes legislation creating USTEMC and increasing its power. Reports and meeting minutes are arranged chronologically from 1948 to 1973.

Series 5. JNEMA Reports

This series includes reports to the membership for the period 1947 to 1967, and articles of association and by-laws for JNEMA. Also included are biographies of architect George Howe and Luther Ely Smith.

Series 6. JNEM Legislation and Construction

This series documents the various phases of JNEM development from the architectural competition and railroad track relocation to construction and dedication of the Gateway Arch. It also includes legislation pertaining to appropriations.

Series 7. Miscellaneous Items

Legislation concerning the Louisiana Purchase Sesquicentennial and the Lewis & Clark Trail are included in this series. It also contains articles concerning Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, and the 35th Division reunion.

Series 8. Newspaper Clippings

Newspaper clippings pertaining to JNEMA and JNEM are arranged chronologically from 1947 to 1969.

Series 9. Addendum

This folder contains correspondence obtained from the Gerald R. Ford Library pertaining to the appointment of a chairman for USTEMC.

Oversize Items

Items too large to be preserved in standard archive document cases have been removed to an oversize box or to a map case. The original location of oversize items within the collection is noted in the Container Listing section of the collection's finding aid, as are cross references to their new location in the oversize box or map case.

If you have questions regarding archives holdings, contact Archivist Jennifer Clark at the JNEM Archives at (voice) 314-655-1600. Appointments are encouraged, if possible.

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