Entrance Fee Refunds


Oh No! Something came up. You can no longer travel to Isle Royale. Can entrance fees paid in advance be refunded? Absolutely.

  • Refund requests for a trip that has not occurred are honored without question.

  • Refund requests for a trip that has already ocurred will require additional information and additional approval.

How to Request a Pay.gov Refund

1. Find your Pay.gov receipt.

2. Contact the Houghton Visitor Center.



How to Request an In-person Visitor Center Refund

  • Find your register receipt. No refunds are possible wthout your physical receipt.
  • Contact the Houghton Visitor Center
    • A physical receipt is required. You may email, mail, or stop by the Houghton Visitor Center to provide the receipt to rangers.


Last updated: March 19, 2024

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