Disposal of Fish Remains

Lake Trout laying on table, ready to be filleted.
Lake Trout ready to be filleted.

Kaitlyn Knick

Please follow these guidelines to eliminate the potential for attracting and feeding wildlife, and to reduce unsightly fish remains and odors. Clean fish away from docks and campgrounds. Do not throw remains into shallow water, or to gulls and other wildlife.

To dispose of remains:

  • At Rock Harbor and Windigo, please use the fish cleaning station.
  • At other Lake Superior locations, deposit chopped remains (pieces 4" or less) in water at least 50' in depth.
  • At interior lakes, deposit chopped remains (pieces 4" or less) into deep water via canoe or move at least 200' (75 steps) from campground and throw chopped remains as far as possible into deep water.
  • At campgrounds and docks, clean fish away from the dock and campsites. Do not throw pieces to gulls or into the water near shore. Scrub and rinse away all blood and slime from any onshore surfaces.

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Last updated: February 24, 2020

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