General Management Plan for Grand Canyon National Park

GMP (7.33MB PDF File)
The 1995 General Management Plan (GMP) [7.33MB pdf]
for Grand Canyon National Park guides the management of resources, visitor use, and general development at the park. The primary purpose of the plan is to provide a foundation from which to protect park resources while providing for meaningful visitor experiences.

The park developed a Foundation Statement [760kb pdf] in 2010; this document records our shared understanding of the park's purpose, significance, and resources and values. Additionally, it serves as a foundation for future planning and management.

In 2008, an interdisciplinary team of Grand Canyon National Park employees completed a thorough review of the GMP. This review documented which GMP projects still require implementation, and served as a useful tool to determine park priorities. In 2009, the park expects to initiate compliance processes and public scoping on several projects identified during the review. More information about these projects will be available through PEPC.


While the General Management Plan provides overall direction for park management, the specific actions needed to implement the plan are provided through subsequent planning efforts. Needed parkwide management plans (such as a cave management plan) are identified in the GMP. Although the GMP describes management objectives for undeveloped areas of the park, the focus is on developed areas:

1. South Rim: Hermit's Rest, Grand Canyon Village, and Desert View

2. North Rim: Bright Angel Point and Walhalla Plateau

3. Tuweep

4. Corridor trails: primarily the Bright Angel Trail, the North and South Kaibab Trails, and the River Trail

The GMP represents the culmination of a four-year process that included extensive efforts to involve local citizens, American Indian tribes, and public and private agencies. The environmental impacts of implementing this plan were analyzed in a Draft General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement, (DEIS) which was on public review from March 13 to May 11, 1995. An abbreviated Final General Management Plan and Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) was released for public review on July 21, 1995. A record of decision (ROD) supporting selection of the proposed action as the approved plan was signed on August 21, 1995. Subsequent planning documents, such as the 2005 North Rim Development Plan and the 2008 South Rim Visitor Transportation Plan amend the GMP.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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